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I thought challenge was a lot of fun this year. I got to learn a lot about computers. Challenge was fun because we got to do a lot of work with computers. I liked making movies with Stykz and playing with the ipads. We could have played with the ipads more often. Next year I would like to make the 3D models of classrooms.


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I didn’t make it to the end of the month because I ran out of money on day 7. The decisions that led me to this outcome were I tried to pay for everything and I put my house in the forest but the monthly cost for gas was high. I was a restaurant  server.

My Favorite Sport

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My favorite sport is soccer. I am usually a runner for my team. I am not a very good goalie. My least favorite position is defender because the ball is usually at the  other end of the field. The runners are usually the people who score the goal. The mid-fielders play defense and offense. The defenders help the goalie defend the goal. The goalie is the person who protects the goal. I have scored about 7 goal. The best game my team played was when we won 19-2.

My Favorite Pastime

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My favorite pastime is playing video games. I play video games at almost any opportunity I get. I usually play about 3-4 hours a day on weekdays. On weekends I play about 4-5 hours.I like games with a lot of action. I also like to play online multiplayer games.  I like these kinds of games because you can find friends and meet new people. I have a computer with internet, a PS2, a Wii, and a Nintendo DS. I have about 35 games for PS2 and about 20 for Wii. I like to play Call of Duty for PS2. For Wii my favorite game is Beatles Rock Band. I’m pretty good at the drum. I can pretty much do expert well.

Cyclist Scales Spanish Skyscraper

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A Polish stunt cyclist has climbed to the top of Europe’s tallest hotel by hopping up 921 steps. Krystian Herba says it took him 19 minutes and 27 seconds Wednesday to get to the peak of the 614-foot (186-meter), 52-story Gran Hotel Bali in the eastern Spanish resort city of Benidorm

About Me

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I am a junior high student in seventh grade in Nebraska. I am a straight “A” student. My favorite subject in school is P.E.  My favorite sport is soccer but I love to watch football. My favorite college team is the Huskers and my favorite pro team is the Chicago Bears. My least favorite college team is the Texas Longhorns.

After school I like to play video games. My favorite video game is NCAA football 2009.  I have four cats. My favorite food is Chinese food. One of my favorite movies is “Grownups”. My favorite fast food restaurant is McDonalds. My favorite TV show is America’s Funniest Home Videos.